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Editor’s Pick: How can I begin to teach God’s word with insight, boldness and clarity?

“Good evening ma. Thanks for the other time. I have always admire your you ability to teach the word of God with humility, boldness and clarity. I have loved God’s Word since I was a kid and I’m always drawn to good teachers of God’s Word (the major reason I started following your blog). These are my questions..

Over the years I have found myself teaching God’s Word in my fellowship, but what I notice is that
1. I seem not to know really much about the scriptures (especially Pauline’s epistle. Hence I refrain from ‘deep issues’)
2. Some times I’m filled with doubt about what I’m teaching that what if it is wrong.
3. I’m always overwhelmed with my responsibility.
4. Some of the things I believe are contrary to the Church’s doctrine thus I refrain from some things to avoid conflict among members…. Though people still see me as a good teacher. I believe that there is more to do.
How do you from your experience think practically I can begin to teach God’s word with insight, boldness and clarity. Thanks

Dear Reader,

Thanks for reaching out to me for counsel on this issue.  I am honoured, but…

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