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The Spotlight: A Review Of “The Accidental Wife” By Abimbola Dare

Hi y’all!  It’s been a minute!  I’ve been saying that a lot lately.  But I’ve decided to take it as growing pains 😁  When things settle, I believe I will return in full swing to The Spotlight and my other regular series.

So, I’m back with a review of a Christian book I read last week.  It is the much awaited fictional story by Abimbola Dare, titled “The Accidental Wife”.  Abimbola Dare is an author I am not new to.  I first learnt of her in 2015, when I read “When Broken Chords Sing”.  That was a real good read, with lots of great lessons, and I certainly had great expectations when tucking into her newest release.

Here’s a little about the Author, in case you don’t know…  Abimbola Dare started her writing journey as a Blogger, going by the name Bimbylads, in 2006.  She published her first book, The Small Print, in 2011, which became a top 40 Kindle Bestseller!  With her other titles following suit in success, she was recently named one of the top 100 most influential writers in Nigeria under 40!  She’s truly an accomplished writer, and has been the recipient of numerous awards.  She’s married with a child.

So, to my review.  With an intriguing title as “The Accidental Wife”, I really didn’t know what to expect of the story.  But minimally, DRAMA, and some betrayal and heartbreak.  There was in deed lots of drama, unbelievable betrayal and heartbreak!

The story was not anything I had even imagined.  It started off rather slow, as she built up the story like a woman knits a woolen garment.  I didn’t get excited immediately.  Honestly, with that title, I was expecting a rushed wedding and an agonising marriage.  However, the story was really about the process that led to the mess of the accidental wife…in a marriage that lasted barely months.

The story told of Patricia, who got knocked up by her Teacher, who immediately disappeared, and her mother’s efforts to get her married to a man who was already in love with her cousin/sister, Lorreta, and planned to marry her.  At the same time, we read about Titi, in the present, who is desperate to marry before she turns 30, and goes Church hopping to find a husband, after goofing about an engagement with a flame that really was just a misunderstanding!

Patricia, in the present, also has a deadline!  She needs her only son, Benjamin, to marry a woman who can give him a baby within the year, to cover up for her horrible lies, but he is determined to marry his University girlfriend, Simi, even though she now has Ovarian Cancer and NO UTERUS!  Well, as fate would have it, desperate Titi meets emotionally unavailable Benjamin, and even when it is obvious that he couldn’t possibly be God’s choice for her, she becomes the third party in his love triangle.

Yes, it gets rather interesting.  And once you are wrapped in the story, you just can’t wait to see how everything plays out.  Titi, who writes in the first person, appears to be the main character, while more is written about Patricia, who started the whole mess.  Benjamin, who seems to be the hero and good guy at the beginning, soon turns out the be the biggest idiot in history.

Overall, I enjoyed the story.  It was interesting and enlightening, and I loved how she brought Christian teaching and Biblical counsel into the story, so subtly that you wouldn’t suspect that that was the purpose of her writing, but are left feeling challenged and inspired.  She revealed the insincerity and hypocrisy in a lot of Believers, and addressed the vice of favouritism in families, which breeds unhealthy competition among siblings.

Perhaps the biggest lesson I got from the story was the importance of WAITING ON GOD, who is the Author of Time.  It is a powerful lesson for Singles to take away, especially those being pressured by their families and peers to marry.  Another lovely takeaway is learned from Simi’s ordeal, which is that: “when God closes a door, He opens a window”.  He really showed Simi how He had her covered, even through all her heartbreak and suffering.

My critique would be that it took a while for me to get hooked to the story.  I persisted because I knew it would be worth it in the end.  I also didn’t get emotionally involved in the story or fall in love with any of the characters.  It was just an interesting story, and I was keen to see how it resolved.  Also, as the story takes form, you can begin to preempt what will happen.  But the conclusion was not expected, as Abimbola left a few loose ends, with hopes for a Part Two.

I would definitely recommend the story for Singles, because of the lessons about God’s timely provision, even when it seems there’s no hope.

Well done, Abimbola!  Keep writing “Fiction With Intention”!  I love it 😁

You can get “The Accidental Wife” on Amazon and Okadabooks.  It is also available in hardcopy, for those who don’t do ebooks.

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