Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: The Fifth Year

So, today marks FIVE years that I have been a Blogger on WordPress.com.  They reminded me, or should I say, celebrated me with a notification this morning.  It made me smile, though I was a little sad too.

Sad?  Yes, a little.  When I first got started blogging, I didn’t think much about followers and readers.  It was really just about my discovering me and walking with God, and sharing the things I was learning in writing for whoever would be blessed.  I had few followers, fewer readers and a growing engagement.  The thing I was most concerned and excited about then, was my message.  And I was happy blogging those growing years…

Along the way, when my message became clearer…I became more concerned about my engagement, my readers and followers.  I had a message to deliver; it was important and a unique perspective, and I wanted to be heard.  But as I was gaining followers, I was losing some.  It was and is the strangest thing.

I became aware that my followers were not really growing as one would expect.  In my first three years, I still had less than 200 followers on WordPress.  And I had (have) great content….

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-fifth-year


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