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Editor’s Pick: Dear Blogger, do you really do unto others as you would have them do to you?

Yes, I’m talking to you.  Yes, you!  And me too 🙂

I recently started sharing blog posts by other Bloggers via Twitter.  It was hard at first, because I wanted my readers to read MY content, and didn’t want to bombard my timeline with the writings of other Bloggers…lest I loose followers.  But I’ve gotten over it now.  I am actually enjoying much more engagement from my followers, since I stopped being so selective in this regard, and began to share as many posts as I happen to love via Twitter!

My followers appreciate me for the different posts I share, and retweet some…and yes, most of the retweets are not even my own posts.  But what I realised is that, I am blessing them by sharing, even as I am blessing the Bloggers whose content I share…and I also bless myself, as my general engagement and readership grows.  Win, win, win!

As I began to reflect on this, I wondered why the initial hesitation.  Why did I think that in order to grow as a Blogger, I had to promote only myself and not others, who are also sharing great messages?  If the message is the most important, why should…

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