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2017 In Review – New Posts On Grace And Truth

Hi y’all!  So the year is coming to an end, and it has been a fantabulous one, with a few ups and downs for me…  But a wonderful growth journey, I believe.

Today, I am happy to see 2017 over, and I am looking expectantly into 2018.  I’m ready for an amazing year!  I am trusting God for a prosperous one!!!

I have a number of prayer points…  For my marriage and my charity work especially!  There are still many ways I want to grow, and need God’s grace and favour to achieve my dreams and goals.  To become the woman He created me to be.

I was just looking back at the year, thinking that maybe in my passion to promote The Church Girl, and write and publish new stories too, I may have neglected my blog.  I know I posted so many original new posts in 2015 and 2016.  I shared a lot of Editor’s Picks to carry me through this year.  But now that I think of it, I actually posted A LOT of new articles this year…so I actually did pretty well.

Aside completing The Church Girl – The Guardian story series in January and The Marriage ABCs series in April, publishing Seasons One and Two of A Small World, and attending sporadically to my Reader Questions and The Spotlight series, I wrote THREE new series:




Well, I haven’t concluded the Christianity series, which only has four parts published.  I pray to continue with it early 2018.  I also wrote a number of promotional and press pieces about my books, The Church Girl, An Emotional Affair, Broken, A Small World Season One and A Small World Season Two.  Wow, I’ve been busy!!!

So, apart from all these original posts, I wrote 49 NEW ARTICLES on Grace And Truth!  Fifty actually, if you count a post I only published for my Patrons on Patreon – So, I Started Talking To Myself  In case you missed any of them, please click the link to read!  They are listed according to date, but the hottest of them was HELL CONSCIOUS!  It was reblogged and got lots of traffic 🙂


Don’t Ask Me About Baby No 2


From My Heart To Yours Daddy

Two Ordained Idiot Kings


I Still Shake

Why Do The Spirit-Filled Need Teachers

HELP! I Married A Wolf!

The Debt Collector And The Blood Sacrifice

God Is Enough, But…

If You Love Me, You Will Obey My Commandments…


Jason Needs Jesus

Author Beware – A Painful Delivery

The Doctor Gets Sick Sometimes

JULY (7)

The Lord’s Garden

I Don’t Want To Be “Christian” Anymore

I’ve Changed.  And That’s Okay.

What Is This Cross?

Five Common Mistakes New Authors Make

Five Things That Happen When A Blogger Becomes An Author

Den Of Thieves

JUNE (2)

The Fifth Year

On The Representation Of LGBTQ People In The Media

MAY (1)

Maybe They Just Don’t Know


Has Grace Become A Bully?

I Want To Be Happy

About The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil – Catch 22?

Musing On Sin, Death And Mercy

The Magic Mirror

Hell Conscious

The Law Is For The Lawless

Stinking Doubt And Confirmation Bias

What If We Are Wrong About God?


8 Ways To Know You Are Dating “No One Special”

No Unclean Thing – Another Look At Homosexuality

Fifty Six

The True Test

Is Your Heart Monitor Off?* (Reblogged and Spotlighted)


What Was I Thinking?

How Humble Is Our God That He Should Listen To A Man

You Believe In God; Believe Also In Me

What Makes God God?

The God Who Heals Me

Though Men Forsake You, I Will Never Forsake You


Scared Of Myself…

Free At Last!!!

This Is My Commandment

The Thin Line Between Greed And Pride

Paul Misunderstood: The Flawed Tent-Making Myth Of Christianity

The Gift Of Forgiveness

Hearing From God

Wow, that’s a lot!  I hope this helps anyone who has found it hard navigating my site for my critical pieces and random musings!  Do also check out my various series, which I have linked to in this post.  If you enjoy reading any of these posts, I would love to read your comments.

Thanks for following my blog!  I wish you an amazing NEW YEAR filled with more grace and wisdom!  God bless you.

Photo credit: http://www.pixabay.com

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