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Editor’s Pick: Author Beware – A Painful Delivery

It’s been nine months since I knew I was pregnant with a book to deliver to the world.  I had just written “The Church Girl – The Guardian”, the last series in the saga about the beautiful orphan girl who fell in love with a bad boy.  I hadn’t yet published the series, but the Spirit of God was helping me to re-work what I was about to publish.

It was then I knew this story had to be in a book.  It was too potent to leave on my blog, hoping for people to come across.  I began to publish “The Guardian” series from December 3rd 2016, and began work on my first book, The Church Girl.

I had already written most of it…  It should have been easy to get the series converted into a book, and into people’s hands and devices.  Apart from adding a few more chapters and a prologue, all it really needed was a bit more editing, design, formatting and book publishing…and maybe some promotion. So I got started, and in January, I officially launched what I thought was the best media advert about my book – a Facebook group dedicated to the book/series and its readers…

Read more at http://blog.ufuomaee.org/author-beware-a-painful-delivery

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