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Editor’s Pick: Five Common Mistakes New Authors Make

Publishing a book for the first time can be a daunting experience!  Many people who want to publish books still believe they need to go through Traditional Publishers to get published, and are not aware of the fact that Independent (Indie) Publishing is now the modus operandi.  There used to be some stigma tied to self-publishing, because it was assumed that it was a last resort for those who failed to be published traditionally.  But now, self-publishing has earned its place and many self-published authors are competing well and even earning more than traditionally published authors.

Whether they decide to go with self-publishing or traditional publishing, here are five common mistakes new authors make:

1. Thinking it’s too hard to publish a book. So, seeking out publishing companies or ‘experts’ and falling for tricksters like ‘Author Solutions’.

Remember that name and ‘Partridge Africa’.  They are one and the same, and go by several names actually, as they have many affiliates.  They are not who they say they are and are not really out to help you.  I speak from experience.  I was taken in by their wonderful website and what seemed like great customer service, which was just a very effective…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/five-common-mistakes-new-authors-make

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