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Editor’s Pick: What’s The Deal With Tipping?

Ummm…before I dive in to my post, let me sound a warning! My opinion is simply what it is, an opinion…and it might be quite unpopular. Before you pick up stones to cast at me, please read to the end… If after that, you still feel I deserve a face full of tomatoes and eggs, please kindly stir me right with your thoughtful and informative advice. I’m just trying to understand something I’ve been musing over for years… Thanks!

I really don’t get the concept of giving tips to workers in the service industry, like waiters, drivers, delivery personnel, hairdressers etc. If you’ve been given a bill, surely payment of your bill should be enough to pay for the services rendered and compensate the service personnel too.

I think that the culture of tipping actually promotes the greed of establishments who underpay their staff! If they are working for tips and not a wage, then the employer has handed over the responsibility to pay fair wages to their workers to their customers, who are already paying a padded bill to the establishment.

I find it especially distasteful when the establishment is a very expensive resort, hotel or restaurant…

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  1. I only tip if I have the means to do it and If someone renders a service and I feel like they went above and beyond in rendering this service, I tip. Trust me, I’m not taking over a responsibility to pay fair wages, I’m simply saying thank you and I appreciate you for your services. Lets be real here, there are alot, and I mean, A LOT of people in the service industry who get paid for not rendering services. So when I am served by someone who does, I show appreciation.

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