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Editor’s Pick: Is It Okay For Christians To Work In Bars?

Dear Ufuomaee,

Good morning, ma.  Ermmm…please I have a situation here which I will like your advise on.  I’ve been trying to get a job, just to support myself financially while awaiting the clarion call.  All attempts have been futile until recently.  I got a job offer at an hotel, the bar precisely, to sell drinks.  My friend think I shouldn’t take the job cos it isn’t for Christians. I, on the other hand, feels it’s just a job.  And I need all the extra cash I can get.  What do you think ma?

Dear Reader,

My answer, from my limited knowledge, understanding and wisdom, would be “no”!  I wouldn’t choose to work in a Bar nor encourage any Christian to own or work in one either.  Similarly, I wouldn’t work in a Brothel, nor condone any Christian to own or work in one, no matter how financially desperate they are.

This is not because alcohol or drinking alcohol is bad, nor because having sex is bad.  But because fornication and drunkenness are sinful and they are rife at these establishments (1 Cor 6:9-10).  The truth is that the majority of the people who frequent bars go to get drunk or are…

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