A Different Perspective

Wolves, Wolves Everywhere!

Okay, before you call me an alarmist, hear me out!

I think we live in a world where it is taken for granted that what is the status quo is good and right.  The status quo is standard.  The status quo has history and authority.  We assume that there was wisdom of some sort that resulted in the status quo, and it is always hard to challenge it or move against it.

This is especially true for the Church.  Even with the many divisions.  The divisions have even become “status quo”, such that the old ones are even ascribed some level of “authority” to exist, while any new division is gunned down or shunned.  And any criticism of the old established structures are easily ignored.  Why?  Because that is the way it has always been.  They are sure of themselves.  And secondly – you’re not the first to try to change the status quo!

I hope you are following me here…  I am laying a foundation for what I am about to say.  I know that I won’t be considered seriously by the majority of you because I do not belong to any established authority, and do not align with the status quo.  And as someone who is critical of the status quo, I face being ostracized for speaking out against it.  But all I want you to consider is…maybe you are wrong.

Just for a moment, consider that you could be wrong.  It’s a bit like waking up and realising that you’re in the matrix really, and all your life has been a lie.  You have believed a lie.  You have lived a lie.  You have propagated a lie.  You have even taught a lie.  Can you consider that?

Okay, next, consider that the foundation on which you stand is a lie!  The very status quo that has sustained your beliefs and those of your fore fathers is wrong!  But they have remained, because whenever people were faced with the truth, they were too afraid to address it, so they ignored it and continued to believe the lie.  It was easier to cope with life that way.  The status quo answered all their questions and it worked for them.  There is no need to change it now, because you wouldn’t know where to begin…who to believe…if you were to admit that your foundation was a lie.

Jesus taught His disciples to be weary of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  That they would be able to know them by their fruit.  In the time of the Apostles, Peter attests to the existence of these false pretenders that had crept into the fold.  Into the very Church.  Paul said to mark those who caused division, and taught Timothy about how to discern the corrupt leaders – by their love for money.

Over time and centuries, this corruption in the Church that started even at this early stage has not been overcome.  It has become widespread.  The wolves are everywhere!!!  They have become skillful at hiding.  In fact, they don’t even hide anymore, because nobody is looking at them!

Everyone is looking at the “newbies” or independents, those who question the way things have always been done.  Those who do things differently from the status quo.  They are the ones who are feared by the masses, and considered wolves!  But the ones leading the age-old corrupt movement are not questioned nor challenged on their practices.  They have become the authority, able to make the Scriptures say anything they want with a little charismatic teaching.  In fact, the corruption is so bad that there are probably more wolves than sheep in the Church right now!

Why?  Because they breed their kind!  They devour and chase away the sheep.  They bring in dogs to do their bidding and train more wolves to keep their hold of the Church.

It is like my country, Nigeria.  The country has been in the hands of the Northern States since our Independence, and they are not even remotely ready to relinquish their power!  They hand down to their own, who have been trained in their likeness.  Like Jesus said of the Pharisees, their disciples are even more the sons of the Devil than they are!!!

But how can we overcome this corruption if we can’t even address it?  We can’t even talk about it.  You can’t even be sure who is a wolf or sheep anymore, because the wolves are that GOOD!!!

And the sheep begin to sound like the real wolves when they express their grief and anger at the state of the Church, while the wolves placate their followers with their false humility, knowing that their position is secure!  Even if their followers were to come to the realisation that their G.O, Daddy, Pastor, Priest or what have you, has been a wolf all this time, they would be more afraid at how their lives would change by accepting this truth, than living in the liberty that comes from knowing and submitting to the truth!

Jesus said people run from the light because their deeds are evil!  The masses keep the wolves in power, because their own deeds are evil.  It is a bad cycle to break.  It takes really sincere people, who love the truth more than their lives to speak out.  To stand alone.  To call evil out for what it is, and not to be counted among the corrupt.

However, even if the whole Church is overrun with wolves, the Body of Christ, which is not dependent on any physical entity, stands.  It is made up of REAL genuine sheep…true Believers.  There are no wolves that will be mistakenly counted in their number.

So, just know that all your pretending, or eye closing, or ear shutting won’t change the truth about who you are.  You should take no comfort in your numbers, only in the knowledge of the truth.  The only thing that will make a difference for you in this world and the next is genuine faith in Jesus Christ.

He knows His sheep.  They know Him and hear Him.  And they will not follow a stranger.  I pray that you will be counted in their number.

…when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8).

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