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Editor’s Pick: A Time For Oneself

The Bible says that there is a time for everything, and preaches the message of balance in our lives. In Christianity, we are taught to deny ourselves, and humble ourselves, putting God and others first. This message is important in a world filled with self-centred people who spend 99.9% of their thinking space on “me, myself and I”. Even their occasional selfless thoughts, when examined, can expose very selfish motives.

For example, the concept of doing to others as you would have them do to you can actually mean that we only do good to get good in return or reduce the likelihood of bad things happening to us. People who give to charity, help the poor or show kindness to their neighbours can do these things with self as the main beneficiary. These acts may make them feel better about themselves, help them sleep in their cosy beds at night, fuel their hopes of going to Heaven when they die, or simply make them feel more secure about their lives on Earth (now there’s one less child on the street on the track to becoming a criminal).

We try to minimize how much we think about ourselves and we try…

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