Critical Thinking

Maybe You’re Right

Maybe you’re right.

Maybe it doesn’t really matter…

Maybe it is a weak faith, strong faith issue.

Maybe Paul was over-zealous when he condemned the practice of circumcision in his day, and said that anyone who sought to be justified by the Law would have no part in Christ…

Maybe James was also being over-zealous, and was not at all inspired when he said if we try to keep the Law but fail in one point, we are guilty of all…

Maybe God’s grace covers our ignorance when we practice religion in error, just as His grace covers us when we sin.

Maybe all that is lost is the liberty in your mind, and the money you give to those you trust to guide you as faithful ministers…

Maybe their deception and greed will be just as readily forgiven as your blind faith in them.

Maybe not all the sheep are professing Christians and the goats are not all unbelievers…

Maybe our hope and belief in God is enough, whether we know Him as Jehovah, Jesus, Allah or Buddha.

Maybe there is no Heaven and Hell and all this life is just a test…

Maybe the Bible isn’t right on everything…

Maybe we are all wrong on everything…

Maybe not knowing is the beauty of life and knowing too much is the curse.

Maybe we are all just on our own trying to figure how to make life and love work…

And religion is our mind’s science.

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