The Church Girl – EV7 #OneChanceReplay


Ifeanyi was glowing, smiling like a freed man after a long sentence.  He was even more attractive now that he was renewed in his mind and committed to the woman he loved, that all the ladies at Ifeanyi and Mary’s engagement party could not help but be jealous of the bride-to-be.  Many of those who came to wish him and his fiancee well, never thought they would see the day that Ifeanyi would devote himself to one woman, nor the day that he would declare “it’s all God’s doing”.

Even his parents were amazed at how mature their son had become, in such a short time.  Though they knew his life would not be smooth sailing, they knew that Mary was a blessing to him and their family, and that he had made the right choice.  They smiled and hugged each other.  They had not done so badly in bringing him up after all.

Chuka came up beside Ifeanyi to congratulate him.  “Congrats my friend!  I’m really happy for you.”

Ifeanyi smiled.  “Thanks!  You helped to make it happen.”

“Me?  What did I do?” Chuka asked, perplexed, but happy to be credited with bringing the happy couple together…

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The Church Girl story series has now been converted to a book.  It is a lesson-packed story about a love that was destined, but tried in every way.  Mary and Ifeanyi must learn that in order to live, they must first die to self, as their love and faith is tested through many trials and temptations.  Follow this roller-coaster ride about a love that overcomes all, that will grow your faith, or lead you to the One who holds the keys of Life…  

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