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The Spotlight: A Review of “Royalty” by Bolatito Bez-Idakula

Hey, hey hey!  How are you doing?  I hope awesome!  Welcome to a new episode of The Spotlight!

I’ve got another book I’d like to review, and it’s one I think will hit home with a lot of you.  It’s a personal story by a well known personality, Bolatito Bez-Idakula!  It’s her first book, and permit me to say before I go deeper, it was a good one 😁

For those who may not know, Bolatito is the Founder of My Lighthouse, a ministry with a purpose driven calling that employs her genuine passion for sharing God’s love with all people, particularly those who have been hurt.  Their website is

She is a former Banker with a BSc. in Politics and International Studies and a MSc. in Management.  She now lives her purpose as a “Light-Bearer”, through writing, speaking, and various media platforms.  She is married to the musician, Bez.

So, the book is called “Royalty” and it’s about Bolatito’s life, capturing her heartbreak and trauma after losing her daughter barely a day after birth, despite her prayers and belief in God’s power and favour.  It is a deep, real and emotional telling of her life as one of many children to her father, who was a polygamist, and her mother, whose status as one of his five wives was questionable.

Bolatito tells how she became a victim of child sexual abuse at a very tender age, and how she felt alienated and despised in her father’s home, and the many years she spent trying to gain his love and respect, and developing a people-pleasing character and low self-esteem.

The impact of this poor, broken foundation was two abortions, before she got married and then had a first child with her husband.  She talks about how she blamed herself and felt like she was being judged by God and everyone else.  The books tells us how she overcame all these challenges and more, and eventually learnt to trust in God and know and accept her status as Royalty, a daughter of the King of kings.

This is a story that needed to be told and that was told very well.  It wasn’t rushed.  Details were not spared.  It was thoroughly spiritual, emotional, honest and revealing.  Bolatito showed a lot of humility and sincerity that is rare and a real appreciation for who God is.

If you can’t tell by now, I loved it!  It was very inspiring and I will recommend for every woman!  Especially if you’ve had an abusive past and wavering relationship with God.  Bolatito shared some good insights that I believe will bless you and encourage you to grow in the knowledge of God’s amazing grace.

My critique was that there were some small typos and formating issues with the book.  But, it’s really nothing to be concerned about.  The book is indeed a worthy read.

Nice one, Bolatito.  I feel like I know you.  I connected with your experience and feelings on so many levels and would love to meet you in person.  Good job with My Lighthouse too.  God bless you and your home and ministry.

Need a copy?  Holla at Bolatito via her website.

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