Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Follow Jesus, Avoid Babylon

Hi y’all!  I hope you enjoyed last week’s episode of The Spotlight.  We took a look at Simi’s blogpost, which presented a case for why people ought to stop praying for singles to get married!  I really appreciate everyone who dropped a comment.  Simi also stopped by and explained why her blog is called Nuach!  You should go check it out…

So, continuing with the all new and improved Spotlight series…  I want to spotlight a blog I have been following for a while, which I only just discovered!  Isn’t that shameful?  I think a lot of us bloggers do that.  Hit follow, and then never follow up.  But it’s hard, especially when you are following lots of people, and get lots of posts on your Reader.  You will definitely miss a few.  And when you have your favourites, or those who like or comment on your posts, it’s easier to pay them a visit regularly.

Well, I’ve had to add this blogger to my favourites!  I’m so happy I found him!  Okay, you must be wondering who he is.  He goes by the name Kirk, and his blog is called notesfromthebridge.  I wonder what inspired that title?  Maybe he will tell us…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-spotlight-follow-jesus-avoid-babylon/

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