Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: The Church After Spiritual Abuse

Hi y’all!  Happy Saturday!  I hope your day has been going well.  You’re welcome to a new episode of The Spotlight.  Last week, I featured a post by an Agnostic about God and David and David’s child by Bathesheba.  An interesting discussion with the Authour followed.  Do check it out in case you missed it.

Today, we are looking at the Church and Spiritual Abuse.  By now, most of you should know my story, and know that I am presently unaffiliated with a Church.  The lady whose post I am sharing also has a story of past abuse from the Church, and she uses her blog to share poetry and insightful pieces that help her and others to heal.  I’ve been following her blog for a long time, and I would recommend it to any one else who may have had a bad experience with the Church, but are still walking with Jesus and seeking fellowship with other Believers.

She goes by the name Liz Tinnea, and blogs at www.ourunseenhope.com.  Her tagline reads “Surviving Abuse In The Church”.  The post I am spotlighting today is called “The Church After Spiritual Abuse“.  It is a simple, personal piece about…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-spotlight-the-church-after-spiritual-abuse


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