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The Church Girl Anniversary Promo

Wow, wow wow!!!  Today marks a year since I published my first book, The Church Girl on Okadabooks.  It’s been a long year, filled with challenges, blessings and lots of lessons!  I thank God for the people He sent to help me, to encourage me, to bless and support me in this ministry.  I am still standing because of you all.  God bless you!

So, today I am celebrating…  Not just today, all month long!!!  I’m running a promotion on The Church Girl ebook and paperback too, so that from now until the 31st of May, you can get the ebook for 40% off from Okadabooks and Smashwords, and get a 20% discount on the paperback when you order direct from me at

Here are the direct links:

The Shop –

Okadabooks –

Smashwords –

I hope you will take advantage of this promo, and find out why the book has earned so many great reviews.  Check them out at!  If you’ve read the book and are yet to drop your review, kindly do so too.  I’d really appreciate your honest feedback on my work.

In addition to this promo, I am also doing a GIVEAWAY!  Every week of May, I will be giving out a free copy of the ebook and a paperback copy of The Church Girl in a special Anniversary Giveaway.  Are you interested in this?  Alright, this is all you need to do for a chance to win:

  1. Register free on Ufuomaee’s Series;
  2. Go to the Latest tab and read the latest episode of The Church Girl, which is part of the #OneChanceReplay;
  3. Follow me on social media (Instagram and/or Facebook primarily);
  4. Every Wednesday, I will post a question on my Instagram page (which I’ll share on Facebook), and you will need to answer on social media to qualify;
  5. Answer the question as best as possible;
  6. Check back on Friday, when the winners will be published on my Instagram (and Facebook) page;
  7.  Get in touch with me to redeem your prize!

If you love your friends, be sure to spread the word and let them in on this opportunity.  Thanks for following my blog, and the inspiration you give me to write more articles and stories, through our interaction.  Happy New Month!  Happy Worker’s Day!  God bless you.

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