Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Blogs I Read This Week And Recommend

Hi Dear Readers,

Thanks for following my blog, reading, commenting and sharing my content 🙂

I’ve been trying something different lately to engage more of you with the materials on my blog.  You may have noticed the #EditorsPick hashtag I’ve been using to share some of my older posts on an almost daily basis.  I hope you’ve been enjoying reading them.

In case you don’t see the notifications on Facebook or Twitter, you can see what’s on Editor’s Pick by visiting my blog any day.  I also plan to publish a weekly summary on Saturdays, so that my WordPress and email followers don’t miss out 🙂

I also want to share more content from other bloggers, whose posts I have enjoyed, and whose messages I feel will inspire you too.  So, today, I’m starting with three blog posts I read this week that I would like to recommend for you to read, comment and share too.  I plan for this weekly series to replace my Spotlight blog at Godinterest, which I’ve been having issues publicising of late.  I hope you’re blessed – and challenged – as you read!

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-spotlight-blogs-i-read-this-week

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