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What Is In Your Hand?

Check out our latest GlobalGiving Report – What is in your hand? Really inspiring 🙂

The Rising Star

We’ve just published our latest Global Giving Report, and we are happy to share it with you!  We hope you are inspired by it, and consider what is in your hand 🙂  Read this and our other reports at www.globalgiving.org/projects/18330/updates


There’s a Bible story that is popularly told in Churches to encourage people to give sacrificially, and trust God to meet their own needs.  It’s the story of the widow, who in a time of famine, used her last oil and flour to make cakes for the prophet Elijah.  That was all she had left, and she gave it believing his word that until the famine was over, the oil and flour would never run out.  For those who believe the Bible, this is a very powerful story about faith and giving.

At this time, we find the story particularly inspiring and motivating.  We are trying to inspire our…

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