The Church Girl – EV15 #OneChanceReplay


Chuka was surprised to receive a call from Ifeanyi early on Saturday morning.  They had lost touch over the months, with Ifeanyi being tied up with family, work, religion and all.  However, he was pleased to see that he was missed.  He picked up on the fifth ring.

“Hey man, long time!  To what do I owe the honour?”

“Haha…  Sorry man, it’s life, you know?  How are you?” Ifeanyi replied cheerfully.

“I’m good.  We can’t complain.  And you?” Chuka asked.

“I’m great!!!  I’m getting married…”

“For real?  You and Ijeoma?”

“No…  Mary.  I asked her last night, and she said yes!” Ifeanyi grinned.

“What about Ijeoma?” Chuka asked, feeling annoyed.

“She’s okay.  Nobody knows yet.  We’re actually going to tell the family over dinner tonight, and I just wanted to give you a heads up.  I’ll be needing a Best Man.”

“I can’t believe you are just going to leave Ijeoma alone with your baby!  You’re so selfish!”

“Hey!  What brought this on?  Why do I have to marry her and be miserable the rest of my life because we made a stupid mistake?  It’s not like I’m not taking care of my child!”

“Oh give me a break…

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