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Editor’s Pick: If I Didn’t Believe In God

The only constant that has been in my life is God.  The only way I’ve been able to navigate this world is believing that He was right beside me.  The many times I’ve thought of giving up, it was His love that stopped me.

He is truly my best friend.  My help.  My joy.  My counselor.  My everything.

With Him by my side, I can endure anything.  I know I have a purpose as long as I believe in Him.  That my life will have impact and meaning.  That I would achieve more with His strength than I would with mine alone.

I have never seen Him.  But I’ve perceived Him.  In my dreams, He ministers to me.  When I’m awake, He counsels me.  When I’m selfish, He challenges me.  Through it all, He is my dependable companion and confidant.

So the mere thought that He is not real is as frightening to me as the sudden realisation that I have stepped off a cliff – for certainly, He is all that has sustained me.  The idea that He does not exist cannot begin to make sense to me.  Because one thing I know, nothing is worth it without Him…

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  1. Basically boils down to… you’ve been convinced that you are utterly worthless and incapable of living without him in this world, and continue to believe because you are afraid not to.
    I’m sad for you and your predicament. It sounds more like bondage and self Immolation to me.


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