Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: You Are My Wealth

The other day, while I was praying, I said this to God and was taken aback by how profound it was.  Until I confessed it, I had never really thought of God that way before.  I mean, He is my Wealth!  How many people can say that and really mean it?

I am not saying that God is my Provider…  Of course He is, and many know and confess the same.  Nor am I saying that He is my Provision…  But in all sincerity, and totality, He is my Wealth!

It’s one thing to look to God as your Provider.  By that, you communicate that you still lack what you need.  To see Him as your Provision, also suggests that He is what you need for now.  However, when He is your Wealth, He is everything to you that is valuable, and all that you need and want.

I mean, just simply having Him in your life makes you RICH, without any other provision!!!  You are not in need, because you have Him.  You are not in want, because your wealth is encompassed in Him…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/you-are-my-wealth/

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