The House Girl – Part Five

August 2003.  Garki District, Abuja.

Osinachi took Monday off to interview a few nannies.  Her friends had given her the names of some reputable agencies in Abuja, and she’d contacted them all on Saturday.  She was expecting six women to show up for interviews today.  She had specified the age-range she was going for, and also knew the type of woman who she wanted to entrust to look after her home and her child.  Preferably, she would be mature and unattractive to look at.

She’d interviewed all six by the early afternoon, and had mentally chosen one, who she would be contacting later to resume work the next day.  They had all said they were ready to start work, which was good.  The one she liked was an older woman, who had expressed that she would have no problem cleaning too, if Baby would be attending a Creche during the weekdays.  Osinachi was surprised at how hard to was to find a nanny who was happy to clean as well.  Her house wasn’t that big, she thought.

After they left, she called Chinyere to bring Benjamin down for his feed and gave her some wrappers to wash outside…


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