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Editor’s Pick: Where Was God?

That must be the most asked question around.  From Atheists to Believers, at any point in time, someone going through a hardship or immense trial is asking – ‘where is God?’.  We all sort of expect Him to show up just when we need Him, only when we want Him, and feel He must not exist if He didn’t show up at those all important times.  I mean, how could He – even, how DARE He – ignore us, when He knew how much we relied on Him to come through?  How can He say He’s all knowing, or ever present, or even loving?

You see, there is not a living soul who has never asked ‘where are You?’  Even Jesus, at the time of His death, when the sins of the world were upon Him, causing the Father to turn His gaze for a moment, cried out – “why have You forsaken me?”  You would think that Jesus would know the answer to that; but the sting of betrayal at that time, to carry your burden alone and have to face your humanity (the weakness and depravity of it) by yourself, always leaves you feeling abandoned.  The feeling of abandonment is always ascribed…

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