Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Eyes On The Prize

Nevertheless, I have this against you, that you have left your first love” (Revelation 2:4).

It is such a wonder how we so easily lose our way, break the focus and become derailed, even though we remain active. It is just that we are actively going the wrong way, or doing our own thing. All our activity, if we do not keep in mind and in heart what is truly important, is vain and unpleasing to God.

Consider Jesus’ statement above to the Church at Ephesus, as recounted by John. He started with a stirling report of their activities, acknowledging their passion, and then gave His criticism: just one flaw – “you don’t love Me like you did before!” And for this, He was willing to disown them and cast them away.

Don’t let the fact that it was just ONE criticism stop you from acknowledging their great failing. It is not a small fall, but a great fall, to lose your love for Christ!

But we so easily do, while apparently keeping our passion for all things holy. We get immersed in the work of following God that we so often lose sight of Him. We become more directed about what…

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