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Editor’s Pick: Labour Not For The Food That Perishes…

Some of you may be aware that I was once a part of a fellowship that took literally the teachings of Jesus, including the one that is the title of this post, by refusing to work in a job for money.  They are/were called the Jesus Christians, and I recently shared about my experience with them.  I joined the group because they were the only ones I knew who were passionate about obeying Jesus’ commands, even selling all they had and living communally like the early disciples.

You may have noticed that my perspective on many things have not changed much, even though I have been out of the group for more than ten years now.  My reasons for breaking away from their fold had nothing to do with no longer believing the teachings of Jesus, but being no longer able to deny the spirit of control and self-righteousness, that was prevalent within the group.  Though having much truth, grace was evidently lacking in their approach to others outside their fellowship, and even within.  Of course, there is no perfect Church, so that is hardly a reason to leave a good one.  I actually didn’t decide of my own volition to leave…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/labour-not-for-the-food-that-perishes/

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