Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Let The Little Children Come Unto Me

There are many attacks against the Christian faith and our duty to spread the good news to everyone. Most attacks are fundamental, which is to say that they try to breakdown our very belief in the existence of God, through the spread of atheism, which seems to be getting more drastic.  When they can’t get us to denounce our beliefs, they attack His nature and qualities, as though by labeling Him as bad, we will suddenly wake up from our trance!

If they meet a road block there, the next attack is usually against the Bible, being our primary reference point for our beliefs and the teaching of Heaven and Hell. The main defense is that we have no right to judge others and that right and wrong is relative to culture. Also, they seek to disprove the Biblical stories with ‘scientific evidence’, even though the sphere of science is yet to be fully comprehended by the human mind! They arrogantly ignore the many scientists who have eventually had to conclude that ‘there must be a God’.

Other attacks have come under the ‘tolerance’ agenda, where the result is the exaltation of self and sexual freedom. However ‘religious extremism’ is not tolerated, and the definition of extreme is getting broader and broader, so that religion itself seems to stand as the opposite of tolerance!

That leads us to the final attack – the prohibition of religion…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/let-the-little-children-come-unto-me/

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