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Editor’s Pick: Dear Atheist…

You have a problem.  You have an addiction.  The thing you crave so much has blinded you to what you need.  You crave to know.  You feed on much knowledge, but are never content, because the more you know, the less you know.

This drug that gives you a momentary high, and causes you restlessness, is a disease to your bones.  Knowledge is good, but Wisdom is better.  Seek after Wisdom, and you shall receive knowledge and understanding.

You’ve been looking into those Scriptures long and hard.  You think your diligence and persistence is evidence of your sincerity.  But your pride, which you do not see, has blinded you.  You know too much, and cannot learn the truth.  No one pours new wine in old wine skins.

You need to stop.  Just stop.  Stop trying so hard to know.  Stop and listen.  Wait.

In your longing for the truth, wait.  Wait in expectation.  Wait, and believe that there is a Truth to know.  Don’t start thinking about what it is.  Just free your mind.

Expel all that you think you know.  Abide in that place of foolishness.  Yes, be in that place of uncertainty.  Stay there and smash your pride…

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    • Hi dear Violet,

      I think you misunderstand. I am not saying that you shouldn’t desire knowledge, or that I do not have knowledge and only wisdom. But there is right knowledge which is useful, and there is much knowledge with is vain and useless. All the knowledge in the world, without understanding will not make one wise. But even a small amount of knowledge – and right knowledge too – with understanding, makes one wise. The knowledge of God is the right knowledge that brings understanding and wisdom.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.


  1. Let me take a stab that since you tagged atheist, you wanted to talk to some.

    With that in mind, have you heard of confirmation bias? If you look and want something badly enough, you will find it if it is there or not. It and other psychologically-based fallacies and biases are very common in religion.

    I am an atheist, and I could care less if there is a God or gods. If some divine person/thing does exist, I do not want to spend all of eternity with someone/thing so vindictive that it would cause/allow the suffering present in this world or someone/thing that has no power to stop it but demands we worship it.

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    • Hi Red,

      Yes, I have heard of confirmation bias. Have you heard of science? Of course you have.

      Science, confirmation bias, superstition, anything pretty much that we have identified to exist doesn’t simply apply to one domain, it applies to all. Confirmation bias doesn’t simply apply to religion. It is a real phenomenon, even in Atheism, that neither proves nor disproves the existence of God, but can explain other phenomenon.

      I was talking to another Atheist the other day about how I didn’t appreciate how much maths was applicable in our world, until I finally understood and appreciated maths. Then I saw maths in almost everything. Does it mean that there is no such thing as maths or algebra? These are just names we give to understand phenomenon. They neither confirm nor deny their existence, nor do they provide a concise description of what it is we are observing. The same way we can be sure of maths and the rules of mathematics, we have come to be sure of the spiritual realms and principles.

      I don’t claim to have all knowledge of God, but what I know and have experienced, that I speak of.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.

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  2. Hello Ufuoma,

    I am aware that confirmation bias can exist in everything. This is why peer review, results replication, and scrutiny are important.

    The problem I have with likening God (or divinity) to math is this: Physics has been proven to influence the way pretty much everything interacts. We can measure it. We can observe it. We can test it. We can verify it. We can do none of these things with God (or divinity).

    I originally got the overall impression of “you do not want the right things; when you want the right things, you will see god.” I have been there. I saw what I wanted to see and did not see what I did not wish to see. Now I question.


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    • Hi Red,

      Thanks for your response. I have to disagree with you here:

      “Physics has been proven to influence the way pretty much everything interacts. We can measure it. We can observe it. We can test it. We can verify it. We can do none of these things with God (or divinity).”

      If you are talking about having general consensus on something, yes, we have a general consensus on Physics and in that sense it is proven and God is not. But things are not proven only by general consensus. I don’t need anyone else to test and confirm the existence of God, when I have EXPERIENCED Him for myself. And there are many others before me who have also EXPERIENCED Him and spoke of Him and can confirm my conclusions that He exists!

      This is not only applicable with God. I once wrote a post about the orgasm, and how people who have never had one might think that those who claim to have orgasms are liars! I mean, how do you prove that you have had or are having orgasms???

      Anyhow, we feel we need to prove everything with evidence, but God asks you to step out in faith, and He will visit you there. When you make that move, you will come to know what the truth is, because He does reveal Himself to those who seek Him.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.

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      • Hello Ufuoma,

        Here, I have to disagree. There are biological signs of orgasm – the body responds for both the masculine and feminine. Hormones are measurable, and the levels change, eliciting and verifying the response. Same for emotions.

        By the hypothesis that experience dictates truth, hallucinations exist outside of the mind. That would mean the worlds of a schizophrenic and someone on acid are true. This is demonstrably false.

        Evidence is necessary. This is why anecdotal evidence does not hold a lot of weight, and if faced with forensics or someone’s word, the justice system picks forensics every time.


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      • Hi Red,

        This is getting interesting. I actually thought it wasn’t that good an analogy, because orgasm is a physical and biological phenomenon, while the existence of God is a spiritual truth. The analogy was used because of personal experience, which is required for personal conviction. But going by your reasoning here, personal conviction is irrelevant, as long has there has been verifiable evidence, which you believe you have for the existence of orgasms.

        Now, I have to assume you are not a biologist nor scientist, and you didn’t perform these experiments yourself, nor have actually studied and looked at the results to confirm that the conclusions were valid. You took someone’s word for it. Or maybe a few people’s word for it.

        I also suppose that since this phenomenon was proven to exist, there was no need for you or anyone to perform those tests again to confirm that it is still the truth. I suppose you have never undergone to test yourself, nor do you have a machine in your home to confirm that you are actually having an orgasm and not something else close to it. Your experience of this phenomenon that you have heard about is enough for you to know that you have experienced it, and it is real, or not…whatever the case it.

        My point is, at some point you applied faith in believing that the people who investigated these things and documented them and shared their conclusions actually had sufficient evidence to prove that orgasms are real. And when you hear others talk about it, you don’t look at them with suspicion that they may be delusional. You’re quite positive it exists and is a real physical experience.

        Likewise, I don’t need any additional evidence to know that God exists, because not only have I experienced Him myself, I believe the testimony of others who SAW Him in the flesh, who walked with Him, talked to Him, and wrote all this down, so that I would be assured that MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE is valid, and not in my head!

        Why do you need new evidence for the existence of God? Why is the account of those who have met Him not sufficient? Why do you doubt the ways that He has personally revealed Himself to you and others today and align such experiences with delusion?

        The truth is there is a double standard here. If you are going to take those scientists/biologists word for it, without needing to perform the experiments yourself, why do you insist that I provide you with new evidence of God’s existence? Do you really think that any evidence I present to you will be sufficient for you to believe and anyone else you might meet and decide to share this evidence with? They would also have to take your word for it that the evidence you were given was sufficient for you to know… Inevitably, we all apply faith, and decide whose account we will believe.

        Cheers, Ufuoma.

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      • Hello Ufuoma,

        Just because I find it funny – I am a mechanical engineer, who has done scientific testing and is highly trained in mathematics and physics. I have also and continue to study human sexuality and psychology because I find it fascinating and it promotes better understanding. I am of the personality type that does research for fun, so pretty much any article I reference, I have read directly.

        My credentials aside, it seems we have come to the underlying difference in our mentalities.

        *Unverified* personal experience is not evidence because the mind can and does fabricate information. It is widely accepted that memories are not absolute truths and can be manipulated or even created from nothing with a variety of psychological tactics, the most notorious of which is hypnotism. Still, memory can be fabricated or manipulated without the provocation of an outside force. This is why cross-examination of eye-witness testimony is so key.

        For a good example, I actually know someone whose memory fabricated his recollection of an incident. At a racetrack, one of the cars went through the barrier wall and my co-worker witnessed it. He could recall the car’s path with detailed precision, even noting the clothes colors of each person struck. Weeks later as a court case was put together, my co-worker was informed that his testimony was inadmissable. Upon inquiring, he was told that video footage clearly showed that he, running away, had his back turned to the accident the entire time after the car went through the wall and had in fact not witnessed anything he recounted.

        So, the difference herein is that I only take as fact testimony that is verified by outside sources. Scientific tests are performed multiple times by different teams to ensure data is acurrate. The summary of polls include the data. Mathematics still show the proofs that indicate the method presented is correct.

        Religion, unfortunately, uses too many logical fallacies and psychologically-manipilative tactics for me to put stock in the convictions of believers. Evidence leads me to conclude that most of the experiences used as evidence are fabricated, and there has been to date no verifiable information put forward to prove the existence of God or a deity. So, I do not believe because there is no reason for me to do so.

        An extraordinary assertion requires extraordinary evidence that needs to be thoroughly tested and questioned. I would rather have questions that (for now) have no answers than answers that cannot be questioned.


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  3. ufuomaee, I do hope that you are honest enough to give up all of the computers, modern medicine, modern foodstuffs, cars, etc that you benefit from. Those are all from people asking questions and wanting knowledge. If you don’t want knowledge, then be honorable enough to let it all go.

    but you won’t.

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    • Hi Club, I really don’t know what to make of your statement, which lacks understanding, knowledge and is also presumptuous. You suppose that I do not desire to have knowledge…did you actually read the whole post, or stop at the beginning?

      And are all the things that are made in this world only made by Atheists, who deny God? And do you not know that all knowledge and wisdom to create is God-given, whether or not you give Him the glory? Our ability to use knowledge profitably is the gift of God. I was asking you to desire the right knowledge, and to desire wisdom above the search for knowledge, because knowledge is in deed abundant, but not all knowledge is right knowledge. Also, much knowledge that is fruitless puffs up, and without understanding, it is entirely vain.

      And then your present a challenge to me to forsake the things you believe only people like you created with “evil knowledge” I suppose, and then you also propose that I won’t forsake them… Are you afraid of a dialogue? If you really think I ought to forsake such things, present your claims, and wait for my response, before saying “but you won’t”. It’s like a little child taunting someone and running away…

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by. If you ever bother you finish reading my post and even consider doing what I suggested, I will be happy to know and chat some more.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.


      • Considering that others have liked my statement, I don’t think there is a problem understanding it. You make false claims in accusing me of lacking understanding, knowledge and being presumptuous.

        As for being presumptuous, you certainly show that with your ignorant letter to atheists. You have declared that, well, let’s look at what you said word for word “You have a problem. You have an addiction. The thing you crave so much has blinded you to what you need. You crave to know. You feed on much knowledge, but are never content, because the more you know, the less you know.”

        And you go on “You need to stop. Just stop. Stop trying so hard to know. Stop and listen. Wait”
        And “Expel all that you think you know.”

        Since I have read your entire post, your thoughtless claim is wrong. Since you advise that one should not question, one should not want to know and one should throw out all that one knows, I would think that you surely don’t want to benefit from all of that you say harms everyone. You should not want to know anything more than what people knew in the 1st century CE , correct since you claim such things is an “addiction”?

        I did not say that the things in this world were made by atheists. I pointed out that your claim that people should not want to know anything makes it rather hard for them to discover the world make inventions, etc. You would have them just wait for some magical revelation.

        There is no evidence that all knowledge is god given, from your version of the Christian god or any god, and that still makes your claim nonsense since you claim that wanting to know is bad and one should be happily ignorant and foolish. Which is it, U? Shall we be ignorant or not? I do request that you give evidence that all knowledge is from your god only. I am curious how you will support that claim you have made.

        There is also nothing to show that any god, including your version gives us any ability to use knowledge, “profitably” or not. Please do show how you can support that claim.

        You did not write that you were talking about the “right knowledge”, U. You indicated all knowledge, no caveat or exception made. That new tactic appears to be something you’ve invented by attempting by trying to move the goalposts adding the term “right”, acknowledging that it is indeed very inconvenient if one does as you demand, to “expel” all you know, to stop discovering and inventing, to stop and wait for your god to do something. You also did not mention anything about wisdom, and claimed that one should be a fool in ones willful ignorance “Expel all that you think you know. Abide in that place of foolishness. Yes, be in that place of uncertainty. Stay there and smash your pride…” All this conveys is that one needs to be ignorant and a believer for some mysterious benefit. It doesn’t take pride to want to know the truth; it just takes wanting to know the truth. And since wanting to know the truth is terrible threat to your version of Christianity, no wonder you advise such silly things.

        I would ask, what is “wrong” knowledge then, if all knowledge comes from this god of yours? How can it be “evil” from your supposedly
        all-good god?

        Of course, the bible’s many authors can’ t agree on whether people should be foolish or wise, depending on what contradictory claim it wants to make. It’s repeatedly said that one should not be foolish, and that that the wisdom of the world *is* supposedly foolish. If your words are to take as you give them, then being foolish is wanting to know the knoweldge of the world, and we should be foolish? You seem to contradict yourself and your bible.

        What is this “much knowledge that is fruitless”? It seems that as many Christians try, you try to claim that only you have the correct way to understand it? Am I correct?

        I do present the challenge to you to reject all of this knowledge and the results of this knowledge that you claim we are all too addicted to. As I pointed out, you did not give any exceptions or caveats to your very broad and evidently thoughtless claim: “You feed on much knowledge, but are never content, because the more you know, the less you know.”

        IF the more we know the less we know, then you again should not be wanting to know, nor benefit from, all of this knowledge we have gained for the last two thousand years. I am not surprised at all that you now try to adjust what you initially claimed. I do propose that you won’t forsake them since you have not, despite your pious nonsense.

        I am certainly not afraid of a dialogue with you. Please do demonstrate how you can use the fruits of this knowledge that you claim that the more we know the less we know, that we should stop trying to know, and that we should expel* all* of this knowledge. I have already presented my points, U, so it does seem that, as you falsely claimed about me, you did not read my post. I’m waiting for the evidence your god exists, that is the sole font of all knowledge and that you practice what you preach about this knowledge that you claim atheists are “addicted” to.

        I would guess, much like the rich young man, you are not interested in leaving behind that which makes you comfy.


    • Again, you fail to understand my post. It seems to me that at some point, you stopped paying attention to what I was saying. Clearly, you missed where I wrote “Seek after Wisdom, and you shall receive knowledge and understanding.” It really isn’t as complicated as you make it out to be.

      Yes, I freely admit that my post is presumptuous and it makes a major generalisation on all Atheists. Even if I am wrong about some or even most of you…I believe that I am right about a few at least! And they, are the ones who will read this post, and understand that I am speaking to them. They are the ones I wrote the post for. They are the ones who will realise that they are not truly Atheist, because of their deep longing for God. To the others, like you I suppose, this post will go right over your head.

      It is certainly not a post advocating for ignorance or shunning of knowledge. For the one seeking God, there is a need for forsaking. Jesus said, unless you forsake all, you can’t be my disciples…it doesn’t mean that they remained poor, because he also made a grand promise of provision to those who obey Him. Unless you become as little children you can’t enter the Kingdom of God…it doesn’t mean that they remain children, who never mature in knowledge and understanding.

      It doesn’t mean that after we have died to self, smashed our pride etc, we can not live or we will not gain knowledge, wisdom nor understanding…. It means that we have prepared a ground to receive knowledge, wisdom and understanding, by humbling ourselves. Everyone knows that before you tidy and clean out a messy house, you will have to clear it out first, and probably get rid of some junk you have been hoarding, and bring in some new stuff! This is the process. It doesn’t mean that you will leave the house empty!!!

      So your conclusions that I am advocating for shunning of knowledge and foolishness is quite alarming. It is a knee jerk reaction that shows that you are not paying attention, or you are refusing to understand what is plain as day. When I talk about right knowledge, I am talking about the knowledge of the Holy, or God and all things spiritual. It is like a cornerstone that every other knowledge must be aligned with to be right too! If your cornerstone is wrong, though the knowledge is still valid (this is to say there is no evil knowledge), it will be wrongly placed, and you will not be able to make sense of it, until you get the right knowledge at the foundation. Therefore, you will need an overhaul of the bricks of knowledge you have already laid down. With a right cornerstone and foundation, you will build a strong fortress with an accumulation of knowledge that is rightly aligned! You will have understanding and wisdom!

      So, my belief is that without God, all other knowledge is vain. Knowing God is the paramount knowledge, and the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. God makes knowledge relevant by granting understanding. So, Paul could say that you can have all knowledge, and still have nothing (1 Cor 13)!

      All the best to you!


      • No, U, I don’t fail to understand your post at all. I have read it, and your replies; you may cease trying to make false claims about me in that subject.

        You certainly said “seek after Wisdom and you shall receive knowledge and understanding”. In this, you mean God and what you claim as what it wants as “Wisdom” correct? You also have said that one should “expel all that you think you know” and replace it with your baseless claims. There is nothing to show that there is wisdom to be found in your version of your god or your holy book, no more than any other religion’s book. There is indeed wisdom to be had in the world but not from the claims of believers who disagree on what their god is, wants, needs, etc. I certainly am not going to expel all I know for promises. I am quite happy to keep my knowledge that has healed so many people, that has fed so many people, etc. A god that says that bird blood will cure leprosy and who kills a child for the parent’s action doesn’t have knowledge *or* wisdom.

        All you are promising is that if one seeks after your version of this god and agree that what you say it wants is true, then one should receive something from this god. Please show that this is the case, U. Many many theists claim the exact same thing for their god and they have no more evidence than you do that their claims are true.

        You, like so many theists, want to pretend that only you have the right answers, and you falsely claim that “pride” blinds others to your supposed truth. Unfortunately that’s just a baseless excuse used by most if not every religion. To a Muslim, you are prideful and ignorant, willfully ignoring the truth. But they of course have no more than you do to show that one should agree with them.

        Plenty of people look long and hard into the bible, and they come up with different answers than you and are still just as feverent a believer as you. Please show me how I can tell who the TrueChristian is. I would refer to the last few verses in the Gospel of Mark where it promises that every true baptized believer will be able to do the same magical works as JC, but I have yet to see any of you in veterans’ and childrens’ hospitals clearing out the wards.

        You, like many believers, want everyone to wait because “real soon now” your claims will be shown to be true. We’ve been waiting thousands of years and surprise, nothing has shown the claims of believers to be true. All you are saying is “trust in me, just in me…” like the snake in The Jungle Book. Your words are no different than from any cult recruiter.

        You also use a common believer’s attempt to claim that there really aren’t any atheists, because the existence of one atheist threatens your worldview. If someone disagrees with you, how can that be if your god is all you claim it is? Or isn’t your god all it’s cracked up to be?

        You promise a lot, U, and having been a Christian I know the whole spiel. When I was losing my faith, I prayed and waited for this god to help me keep my faith. Funny how it never came, just like your promises will never come true. There was no reason to trust this god nor to trust your claims of “real soon now”.

        Now, when someone does exactly as you claim, and nothing happens, no revealed god at al, all you’ll do is insist that they weren’t humble “enough”, they weren’t “broken” enough, they didn’t “thirst” enough, all invented as an excuse on why your promises and those of your god failed. I’ve see the same false claims by so many other Christians, and their promises fail too. Now, please do demonstrate how you can use the fruits of this knowledge that you claim that the more we know the less we know, that we should stop trying to know, and that we should expel* all* of this knowledge. Please show how you know that this wisdom and knowledge come from your version of your god and not some other. We can start a discussion if you can show that I should believer your version of your religion and no other.


      • Hi Club,

        This should be my final word on the matter, because I think I have said and done enough to express myself clearly.

        To “believe” has never required evidence. If you don’t believe me, google the definition of belief.

        “Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

        And if you were to get evidence in order to finally believe, it would no longer be FAITH.

        “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who approaches Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”

        So what can I tell you that you don’t know..? You have decided it is not worth the effort nor the belief, and I decided a different thing. Each to his own.

        All the best to you!


      • U, you have made claims that are baseless. I’m still waiting for evidence that there is any wisdom in your bible. I am not surprised at all that you claim that everyone should abandon their knowledge, since that would make your life much less comfy.

        It is interesting that you quote JC when he is talking to Thomas. Per JC, there is no problem with asking for evidence at all. Thomas still is saved and still gets into heaven. Christians who run away from providing evidence for their claims try to claim that this god wants blind belief, and you have done an awesome job of showing that isn’t the case at all. So, I call nonsense on your demonstrably false claims that one has to only have faith, when your supposed savior himself said that was not true. I guess Paul doesn’t agree with Jesus Christ again, because it is possible to please JC and this god by asking for evidence just like you quoted from the Gospel of John.

        You are lying when you try to claim that I have decided that it is not worth the effort or belief. I’ve long ago done as you asked and that formula failed.

        What excuse will you offer now, U? Your claim doesn’t work. Now what? Will you falsely claim that I didn’t do it “right”?


  4. To me, it seems like you are spending a hell of a lot of time speaking on behalf of God and doing his work. That is why I, as I am sure, many of the people commenting here, are atheist. Basically you are happy to do the work of someone else, meaning he isn’t there or doesn’t care. Which is it?


    • No, I don’t do this because He isn’t there and doesn’t care. I do this because He is there, He cares, He came and died to save me and you, and He sent me to be a witness of this. Because people generally like to listen to witnesses before they believe. Witnesses are relatable. He may have spoken to you directly as He often does, but too often, we do not hear or even listen when we do hear. We doubt, we second guess, and we are also afraid. I speak because I want you to know that you don’t have to doubt God. He is real…and He wants you to believe and go to Him directly.

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      • Telling you what? I thought I was answering your question, and by answering your question, I communicated that I speak because God sent me to speak and call you to COME.


      • It seems like we are stuck in a loop. It only appears easier for me to speak to you than God because:

        I AM HUMAN, even though right now you can’t see or hear me, you are sure that I am a real person, because I am communicating with you through a medium you trust.

        The challenge of communication is not from God’s end, but because YOU do not trust the medium He uses to communicate to you, which is your SPIRIT primarily. You can’t see Him or hear Him or touch Him, but through ME and others like me, He chooses to speak to you, because you have not accepted the mode of the Spirit. You don’t trust it, where as I do, by the reason of the gift of Faith that I also have from Him.


      • ‘The challenge of communication is not from God’s end, but because YOU do not trust the medium He uses to communicate to you, which is your SPIRIT primarily.’
        This is false, and is an argument that is losing credibility fast. It isn’t that I fail to see what is there, but you are seeing something that isn’t there.


      • It is easy for the colour blind to accuse the well-sighted of lying. Your lack of ability to see and hear is your issue, not mine. OWN IT. If you don’t believe, OWN IT. You can’t accuse me of making things up when you do not know what I know, have never experienced what I have nor heard and seen what I have heard and seen.

        I also cannot force you to believe me. I can only tell you what I know and try to help you see things differently. I believe I have done that.

        All the best to you.


      • That is the problem. Despite believing in God I can only take your word for it. That isn’t good enough. You have never experienced what I have nor heard and seen what I have heard and seen. If I have to rely on other humans to prove the existence of God, the human race is fucked. If I have to come to WordPress to find Gods existence, how weak is God?


      • You don’t have to come to WordPress to discover God! The evidences of His presence is all around you. You just fall into the group who do not find such as sufficient evidence. It says a lot that even with that, God will not stop using every avenue to reach you. Even little old me on WordPress.

        Where you see Him as powerless and incompetent…many will be blown away by the levels and depths He will go to make you know that He loves and cares for you.

        Have a great day!


      • That’s another problem that is entirely the Unbeliever’s problem, although I can see why you think it is my problem.

        There is only one truth, and when you know it, you will not be deceived nor deterred by the lies. It is hard for you when everyone says that their religion is the truth, but there is a way to know the truth. It is the same way to know God for yourself. When you do, then this question of Christianity or Islam becomes obsolete.

        I wrote a post on how God settled the issue for me. It is different from other people’s experiences, but since then, for me, THE SEARCH IS OVER.

        Here’s the link, in case you are interested: https://ufuomaee.blog/how-i-came-to-settle-on-the-truth


      • But this is what every religion says!
        And refering to the linked post, you say-
        ‘I kept an opened mind, but it really wasn’t making much sense to me. It also contradicted the Bible in so many ways and taught that Jesus was just a prophet, and that Mohammed was the last prophet. I knew immediately that it wasn’t true.’
        If you were to read with an open mind, surely the fact that it contradicted the Bible wouldn’t be a factor? P.s I appreciate you responding to my questions 🙂


      • Reading with an open mind doesn’t mean you do not see correlation and seek to make sense of it. Reading with an open mind doesn’t mean that you discard valuable truth that you already know. You build on truth. You can reanalyse when things don’t add up, but if you are completely discarding truth to make room for ‘another’ truth that contradicts, especially when one exempts the other, then it is confusion.

        The thing with Islam is that they CLAIM to accept the Bible and Jesus especially. But they don’t even know what the Bible teaches. The Quran says that the Trinity Doctrine includes Mary, which is clearly a misunderstanding, but that is their holy book. Full of misunderstandings of Christianity, while claiming to also follow the Founder of the Faith.

        I didn’t set the Bible as the benchmark for truth, but Islam shouldn’t have pretended to understand or value it, if they wanted me to believe in their authencity. So, it was this copycat behaviour I observed in Islam that let me know it wasn’t truly inspired of God.


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