Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Brainwashed!

One morning, while in my early teens, I woke up in a panic. My heart was beating fast and I was sweating and afraid. I had just had a dream that I had smoked a cigarette.

Not a pack. Just one cigarette. And I was afraid of what it had done to my body. I had heard somewhere that every cigarette you consume takes days off your life. I was afraid that I would become addicted!

I was also afraid of what my parents would do if they found out. I stayed in bed frightened until I realized that it was only a dream, and it had never happened, so my life was not in any danger.

Why was I so afraid? Could it be that my parents brainwashed me against cigarettes or drugs? Could it be the propaganda about the dangers of smoking? Could it be based on real concrete information about smoking and a genuine fear to avoid it at all costs?

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/brainwashed/

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