He Cheated! – Part One #OneChanceReplay


It was a warm Friday night in September, and we were preparing to attend the 30th Anniversary celebration for his bank, Solomon Investment Bank.  They were having a cocktail party and launching of their new Head Quarters in Lekki Phase 1.  Ifeanyi was already dressed and waiting, while I couldn’t decide on a dress to wear.  My pregnancy bump was causing an issue with fitting into any of my lovely gowns.

Ifeanyi came into the room and leaned against the door.  I knew I was keeping him, but he was a patient man.  He smiled at me and nodded at the green dress I had just taken off.  “Wear that one,” he said.

“It’s too short,” I said.  It would have been perfect, except, my five month-old bump made it ride up higher than knee length.

“Let me see,” he said, and sat on the bed, while I put in on again. “Gorgeous!” He grinned and pulled me into his arms for a kiss.  “Now for the shoes…”

“That’s easy…  I’m wearing my flats!” I giggled.

“Not with this gorgeous dress.  Don’t you have some cute low heels?  They’ll make your legs pop!”

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