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Editor’s Pick: What Makes God God?

What makes God God?  Is it His love or His wisdom or His sovereignty?  These are perhaps His three most defining traits, but only one make Him God.

The answer can only be found in the definition of a god.  A god is not defined by his goodness or his knowledge and understanding, but by his dominion – his absolute power and control over all things.  This is what qualifies one to be called a god.  Without such dominion, they are not gods.

Now, God declares that there are no other gods, but Him (Isa 45:5)!  He is the only one with such dominion in the whole Earth and Universe.  He is supreme.  Anything else we might imagine or uphold as a god is a counterfeit, a snare and will surely disappoint us.  He is the only One worthy of our worship, adoration and submission.

Now it is God who declares that He is good!  It is He who declares that He is Love.  He is also the One who reveals that He is Wisdom.  We know that He is all these things, because He has said so, and it is impossible for Him to lie, for whatever He says must become truth…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/what-makes-god-god/

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