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Editor’s Pick: How Humble Is Our God, That He Should Listen To A Man

I read Exodus 32 today, as part of my Daily Reading, as I am reading through the Bible again.  In the last couple of years, I have heard so many accusations made against my God for His actions in the Old Testament with the Israelites.  These Atheists accused Him of being childish, given to temper and a God who changes His mind!  For these, they say, He is not a God, and certainly not one that is worthy of worship.

I wonder if they know that God is a Person!  No, He is not a human being.  But He is a Living Being.  And as a Being, He has a personality, He has character, He has a mind and a heart.  When He made us in His likeness, these were the qualities we gained from Him, not a physical appearance, for He does not have a physical body.  We need physical bodies, He does not.  However, when He came as Jesus, He took on our physical form!

So my God is a Being, the Supreme Being.  And He is entitled to change His mind, if He so deems fit.  No, He is not fickle like men.  He doesn’t change His mind with the wind…

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