Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Grace and Truth

For the Law was given through Moses; Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17).

What is the Law? The Law is the set of commandments by which we shall live without offense before God. As it was given to the Isrealites, the Law was like a manual for humans living in a fallen world. It considered the various areas by which offences would come and provided a way for justice to prevail. According to this Law, the penalty for disobedience and sin is death, a just recompense to God, against whom the offence was ultimately committed.

What is the Truth? The Truth is that we can never measure up to the Law! It is humanly impossible. Even if we technically met the literal requirements of all the commandments, we would still fall short in Love, which is the greatest of all the commandments and the sum thereof! Love isn’t legalistic, and this is where we are all caught out!  Many people who legalistically follow the Law lack the traits of love, which include humility, compassion and forgiveness.  The fullness of Truth is that, more than the Law, we need God’s Spirit to be righteous.  Jesus came to make the Spirit of Truth available to us (John 16:7).

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/grace-and-truth/

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