Why I Come…

A reminder of our purpose in prayer and fellowship with God.

The Oracle

I do not come to You in prayer that You may approve of me. I know that through Jesus Christ, my Lord, Your only begotten Son, who died that I may have eternal life, I am approved. I do not come to receive, so that I may be more prosperous in this life… I also do not come by obligation, to fulfil all righteousness.

I come that I may know Your will and do it. I come that I may be pruned of everything that will not bear good fruit in my life. I come that I may receive nourishment from Your Vine to grow into Your image. I come that You may help me to abide in Your Grace and Truth, that I may no longer be bound in my mindset and live free and victoriously.

I come that I may know You more, love You more and eminate…

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