Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Know Yourself, Know His Grace

As early as you can, it is good to know yourself and to know the grace of God.  I can describe my childhood and youthful years as zealous.  I had zeal for a lot of things, but I lacked knowledge of myself or of the grace of God.  Actually, the way I perceived God caused me to give little time to knowing who I was, but to move in haste and fear to please a God of judgement.  I did many things because I thought they were the right thing to do, not because I had an understanding of who I am, what I genuinely believed and what God’s will was…

God gave us a will and a mind for a reason…so that we would use those things to know and love Him.  We are called to worship Him with all our faculties, and a refusal to exercise a faculty for fear of displeasing God, is to not really know God.  Our love for God will direct us, even as we exercise our will and use our bodies, mind, heart and spirit.  When we exercise these faculties to know Him and His will, we are giving Him the worship…

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