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So this month, I released two new titles, Perfect Love and The House Girl on and as ebooks on the 2nd and 8th of August respectively.  My books have been doing really well on Okadabooks, where the reviews for both have been amazing!  I’ve got one review of Perfect Love on Amazon, and it’s also a fivestar from an avid reader of mine!

I’ve been really encouraged by all this positive feedback, and decided to face the challenge to publish my titles in paperback too, via Amazon.  Over the Sallah break, I converted my two new titles and my promo book, He Cheated! to paperback, and they are now all available to order via my Author page:

Click each picture to go direct to each page to learn more and get your copy.

He Cheated! by Ufuomaee

Check out the reviews for Perfect Love on Okadabooks, where you can also get the ebook:

Check out the reviews for The House Girl on Okadabooks, where you can also get the ebook:

Also, I’ve been working with Mixsie Fun Books to turned He Cheated! into an audio book.  It was published this week too, making it the THIRD book produced in audio book format.  Broken is still available free as an audio book via, and you can order the audio book of An Emotional affair via my shop page:

Get the audio version of He Cheated! for N500 only via Mixsie Fun Books:

I am so happy that I am gradually achieving my objectives, as a Creator on Patreon, to turn my writings to ebooks, printed books, audio books and film.  The last stage is getting my books to film, and I have been contacted by a few prospects on that so far.  I am praying for God to guide and make a way in this.  I’ve got more stories I’m working on publishing this year, and I still have five novels (The Church Girl, An Emotional Affair, Broken, A Small World Seasons One and Two) I’d like to make into paperbacks via over the next month.

You can still get The Church Girl in print via my website or at various book stores in Lagos, Nigeria.  I’ll let you know when it’s available to order in print from Amazon.  For now, go to to learn more about where you can get it in ebook or print, and also read the amazing reviews my happy readers have dropped.

I’ve been using Instagram a lot more these days to share my updates.  I thought you would appreciate knowing my progress, and I hope you’ll support me on this journey.  Thanks so much for following my blog.  If you’re reading or have read my current or past stories, please do not be shy to drop your comments and reviews for me.  I don’t only want them, I need them.  They are my entertainment and my treat for all my hard work 🙂  God bless you much.

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