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Editor’s Pick: Wisdom By Another Name

Today, I’m musing on love.  God’s love more specifically.  After a disagreement I had with another believer, on a post I shared about homosexuality and fornication, where he argued that God’s love is conditional…and said we are not called to show unconditional love, the musings began.  I have written three posts on the matter today already.

The more I ponder on love, the more that I see that it is wisdom in the highest form.  God, who is Love, is also Wisdom.  It is not simply that God is loving, or God is wise…  God is the very definition of Love and the very embodiment of Wisdom.  Jesus, who is the revelation of God’s love, is also the Word of God, the fullness of God’s Counsel.  He goes by another name, Wisdom.  Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God (1 Cor 1:24).

Most people, when they think of love, think of reckless love.  Irrational behaviour, foolish abandon to passion.  Love, they say, makes you do crazy things…foolish things.  When they mean to speak of lust or infatuation, they call it love, and justify their wicked deeds, because everybody knows love is the perfect justification for irrational, selfish behaviour…

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