Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Love and Righteousness

Love and righteousness are so closely related that some people think that they are one and the same.  But one is superior to the other.  Do you know which?

If you said love, you are so very right!  Love begets righteousness, righteousness begets justice and so on…  Righteousness doesn’t beget love.  If the highest quality is righteousness, many of us would never taste love!  But because we get to know love, through Jesus who showed us God’s great love, we can begin to understand what it means to be righteous, and conform ourselves to this standard.

Love has many children.  Love begets grace and mercy and favour.  The greatest gift we could give anyone is the gift to know love, to know the true source of love, God Himself.

Jesus said He didn’t come to judge or condemn the world, but to save it (John 3:16-18)!  Notice the ultimate motivation was love…and righteousness is simply a fruit of that love!  If we want to win the world, we have to learn from Jesus by coming with love and not with condemnation.  Those who reject God’s love are those who choose condemnation…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/love-and-righteousness/

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