Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: The Last Man Standing

If God was a comedian, He would be the last man standing!  He has such an amazing sense of humour, which is clearly evident in nature.  Sometimes, I can’t help laughing at what the Lord has done, or at myself when I wake up to the realisation that I’ve been trying to outsmart God, or ‘get one over’ on Him.  But these games we play with God are more dangerous than funny…

Consider Jonah, who thought he could run away from God.  That almost cost him his life!  He probably thought he knew better than God; that the people of Nineveh were beyond redemption, so why bother preaching to them?  I also think that at the back of his mind, He knew God wanted to forgive them, but that was not Jonah’s standard of justice…so he rebelled against God.  I think it is amazing that God went to such great lengths, even almost destroying a ship load of ‘innocent’ people, just to get Jonah to preach to an unworthy city, so that they could repent and be forgiven!  We should never underestimate what the Lord will do to redeem a soul.

But many of us are like Jonah…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-last-man-standing

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