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Editor’s Pick: Do You Still Smile About It?

Sin.  Who has never fallen into it?  Who has never relished it?  Every single one of us has loved sin.  Many still maintain a love-hate relationship with sin.

When we came to Christ, there were some sins that were just so hard to forsake.  Some that we had to be pulled away from, kicking and screaming.  And others which we have succumbed to, time and again, despite knowing that we will be burned, that it would not satisfy, that it would leave us worse off than we were were before.

Why is sin so hard to relinquish?  Why does its appeal not die with the knowledge that it is poison?  I mean, who keeps a can of poison in their house, just in case…so they can go and look at it now and then, and consider taking a sip?  When you almost died from being intoxicated with it, how can you look upon it with less than horror and dread?

Yet, I reckon there are many, many of us who still have fond memories of the “good ole days”, when we reveled in sin.  It might not even be anything so far back…or anything so sordid.  Maybe it was just last week…

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