Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Has Grace Become A Bully?

On this blog, since I have discovered my mandate and calling to preach the Gospel in light of Grace and Truth, I have come to realise just how challenging that can be.  It is so very hard to speak the truth without meeting the accusation that I have been ungracious, even when my blog title is “Grace and Truth”.  The fact is people love grace!!!  Give them grace, grace and more grace, and hold the truth!  If you try to tell them the truth, they will tell you that you do not understand grace!  Come on, People!!!

It is Grace AND Truth!  It isn’t Grace OR Truth, or Grace IS Truth…  Grace has not replaced the Truth!  Grace is not the alternative to the Truth!  Grace and Truth is a wonderfully holy combination that reveals to us the love and wisdom of God!  Without Truth, Grace is wicked!  And without Grace, Truth is foolish.  Truth cannot be understood apart from Grace, and Grace cannot be appreciated apart from Truth.  They are inseparable, such that without one, you cannot claim to have the other!

As a Christian Blogger, I feel a bit disadvantaged because of the type of things I choose…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/has-grace-become-a-bully

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