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Editor’s Pick: Who Is Jesus?

In the modern world, we take for granted that everybody has heard of Jesus.  Especially with the rise of television and Internet, such that even the enemies of the gospel spread His name unwittingly.  However, few people – even among Christians – seem to really know Jesus (in terms of His nature, personality and mission)!  This page is a brief about Jesus Christ, and is informed by the very voluminous book called The Bible.  The Bible is the third witness of God, after nature (Rom 1:19-20) and our own spirit (which testifies as our conscience; Romans 2:15 and 8:16).  There is no excuse for ignorance.  James says “even the devils believe and tremble” (Jam 2:19; consider also Mark 3:11).

Here is what the Bible says about Jesus:

Jesus as God (John 1:1; John 10:30) – His divinity

Jesus as the Son of God (John 1:34; Mark 1:1) – His sonship

Jesus as the Son of David (Matt 1:1; 21:9) – His humanity and heritage

Jesus as the Christ or Messiah (Matt 16:16; 20; John 4:42) – His mission and calling

Jesus as the Lamb (John 1:29; Rev 7:17; 21:23) – His humility and sacrifice

Jesus as the Shepherd (John 10:1, 11; 1 Pet 2:25, 5:4) – His love and protection

Jesus as the Master (Matt 26:18; Luke 13:25) – His power and authourity

Jesus as the Teacher (John 3:2; Mark 1:22) – His understanding and leadership…

(Extract taken from The Oracle, also by Ufuomaee)

Read more at https://oraclesforliving.org/who-is-jesus/

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