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Editor’s Pick: The Power Of The Cross

It’s the age old trick of deception; using your enemy’s weakness against them.  It was the curiosity of the Trojans, and their greed, which meant that in a time of war, they did not suspect the delivery of a ‘gift horse’, and took it into their courts!  In the same way, the devil and his angels played right into God’s hands.

They did not suspect Jesus when He did not resist crucifixion.  They knew very well who He was, that He was come to save the world.  They thought, if they killed Him, His plan would fail.  But God banked on their wickedness, and used them as pawns in His strategy.  They were blinded by their evil desire and lost their footing, and what looked like a failure for Jesus, was the beginning of the victory for men over the power of sin.

The problem was, they didn’t know the power of the cross.  If they had known, they’d rather have done all they could to tempt Him to enjoy the world and forget about His assignment.  But the fool is blinded by his prize, however small.  He doesn’t know how to strategise.  But Jesus was not a fool…

(Extract taken from The Oracle, also by Ufuomaee)

Read more at https://oraclesforliving.org/what-did-jesus-do/the-power-of-the-cross/

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