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Editor’s Pick: The Debt Collector And The Blood Sacrifice

I just finished watching “The Prince Of Egypt” again.  I love love love this movie!  I am always awed by the awesomeness of God when I watch it.

I watch it thinking – how can they not believe???  Especially when God caused the Red Sea to part…how hard did Pharaoh’s heart have to be that he wouldn’t fall on his face and repent…or even cry at his foolishness in fighting and resisting God?

Today though, as I watched the scene where the Spirit of God moved through Egypt claiming all the firstborn, I remembered something I had read earlier in my Bible readings about this act of God.  It caused me to understand the nature of our indebtedness to God.  God explained that EVERY firstborn is His (Num 3:12-13).  Even among the Israelites…and His decision to take the firstborn of all the Egyptians at that time, was not so much an act of judgment as it was an act of His prerogative!

They owed Him that debt, but they would not even give Him honour nor worship.  So, He showed them that He could take what what was His, and until that moment, He had chosen to be merciful to them by…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-debt-collector-and-the-blood-sacrifice

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