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Editor’s Pick: When It Is Easier Not To Believe

Jesus teaches us that the pure in heart are blessed because only they will see God (Matt 5:8). When we are gifted with spiritual sight…to believe in God, to be aware of His presence, to desire His fellowship…we are blessed. But there are times when we do not realise how blessed we are. There are times we think our sight, our sensitivity to God is a hindrance – a burden we would rather not bear. We are tempted at such times, and in times where the demands of our flesh is great, to choose blindness… It is easy at those times to convince ourselves that darkness is the truth, while the light we once walked in was imagined (John 3:19).

It is very heartbreaking, not only for the believer but also for God, when that happens. Falling away often begins:

1. When you fall into sin

The Bible teaches us that there is an ongoing war between the flesh and the spirit with every believer (Gal 5:17). In addition, we are in a continual line of attack by the enemies of God, the devil and his angels, who desire to crush us or win us over to their rebellious side (Eph 6:12). Sin is the easiest way to fall away from God…

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