Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Would You Speak?

In your group of friends, you’re known as the ‘Christian’, ‘Goody-Two-Shoes’, and – on a bad day – ‘Bible-Basher’. You’ve learned that your opinion is not wanted, appreciated or even acceptable in group discussions. But your friend has just told everyone at the lunch table that she’s planning on having sex with her new boyfriend. Afterall, they’ve been dating a while now… Everyone is so excited for her and tells her what lingerie she should buy. Would you speak?

It is quite likely that you would. If you’re a Christian who cares for the salvation of your friends, you will keep speaking, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you or them. If you can’t speak, it can be for only two reasons – you no longer believe or you no longer care.

At the Church Bible study, which you never miss, the Pastor says he’s got a new revelation that he wants to share. It’s about reaching the lost for Christ. The message is simple: “we need to relate with sinners and other Christians struggling with sexual sins, so that we can move from judging to loving them. Everyone sins, and no one’s sin is bigger. Christ died for all our sins…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/would-you-speak

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