Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Are You Witnessing Effectively?

Christian evangelism has entered new waters in this our modern world.  In some ways, it is easier to share your beliefs…with the advancement of technology, particularly the Internet and social media.  And in many ways, it is harder to be received, not least because those who do not want to hear your message know how to tune you out or sift through your content.  While a few still practice street and door-to-door witnessing, for many reasons, most people are deterred from utilising these avenues for more strategic and time-effective approaches.

In our efforts to spread the message of Christ, how far are we willing to go?  Do ethics form a hindrance to how we pass our message across?  By that I mean to ask, are there certain places you just shouldn’t try to preach with words but with your lifestyle, maybe like your office, cinema or someone’s wedding?  Are there certain tactics you should avoid…like shock tactics (radical, strange, uncompromising behaviours), hell-terrorising (putting the fear of hell in their conscious mind) or flirty-fishing (trying to win people over by adopting their lifestyle, and thus compromising some fundamental beliefs in order to win their souls)?  Or does anything really go…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/are-you-witnessing-effectively

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