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Editor’s Pick: Would You Stop?

I think we all think that we are better than we really are.  We would like to believe that given a moral dilemma, we would rise to the occasion and do the right thing, no matter the consequence.  We are also quick to damn those who fail in such real life instances, because it is obvious that anyone who had a heart would…STOP!

But, if you really think about it, would you stop?

You’re walking down a road, and you hear a girl screaming.  It is very dark, but the dim lighting gives you enough view to know that she is being gang-raped by at least five men!  Would you stop?  You might if you were a guy, maybe a tough guy.  Maybe you’d cry out for help or call the police and try to intervene.  But, what if you live in a corrupt society like Nigeria, and the police will not readily come?  If you were in your car driving by, would you stop?

You’re taking a stroll through the park one evening, with your partner.  A disheveled man approaches you, stinking and unstable on his feet.  He begs of you to help him!  Your partner pulls you away…

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  1. Stopping comes with discernment. Ex. If I saw any of your examples, Once the vision has processed in my brain, I’d instantly know if I’m being called to stop. Maybe it’s not about stopping at all, it’s about listening when god prompts us to help each other.


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