Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand!

When you hear that the end of the world is nigh…and God’s judgement is coming upon the world, what is the primary emotion you feel?  I suspect it is FEAR!  But fear is what unbelievers should feel, people who do not know God or those who do, but are disobedient.  But many ‘Christians’ propagate fear amongst themselves, and instill fear in unbelievers.

It is right for unbelievers, those with only the expectation of judgement to feel fear, but our message – the GOSPEL – is not one of fear, but of HOPE and of LOVE!  Even when we talk about the coming of our Lord!  Why can’t we talk about it with joy…like the joyful expectation it is?  It will be the dawning of a new day, when the wicked shall be brought to justice, and the righteous shall be delivered from tribulation!

The message of the foreseen end of the world is really not news!!!  It really ought to stop SHOCKING us, when people say that “the end is nigh”…  Why?  Because they have been saying it for centuries!  That is exactly the same thing Jesus said when He walked with His disciples…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-kingdom-of-god-is-at-hand/

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