Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast – Part Four

Erhuvwun preferred to wash their clothes by the stream.  She had told Amadi how the flowing water was ideal for rinsing them off and left a lovely fragrance in the fabrics.  After the first time, when his wrappers had returned brighter than they’d ever been, he hadn’t challenged her theory.

Erhuvwun also stole the opportunity of time away from Amadi and her new home, to enjoy a bath alone by the stream, from time to time.  Due to their isolation from the other villagers, she wasn’t at risk of being caught naked.  And she sang freely, in a way she couldn’t when she was at home with Amadi.  Little did she know that her songs called out to him, and he’d taken to snooping on his wife as she bathed naked in the stream, being too mesmerized by the sight to offer an objection…


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